The Lost Adventure is a #1 Bonded EagleRider Agent, offer the best motorcycle tours in the world, at the most competitive prices online. When you book your holiday with The Lost Adventure, your money is protected via our membership in the Travel Trust Association (TTA). We’ve got over 200,000 miles of experience riding in America.

Motorcycle touring is about exploration and camaraderie, sharing the experience. It really brings people together, even those who normally like to keep to themselves. That’s one of the best things about guided tours. Of course, there are the practical benefits as well: there’s a guide in front leading the way, whose job is to help you have the best, safest holiday possible. There’s a support vehicle behind carrying your luggage, so no need to worry about what the saddlebags will fit. The routes that have been chosen, the hotels, meals, the fueling, all have been planned so you can just enjoy yourself. And if you want to stop, or break off from the group and ride by yourself for a bit, no problem. You can just let your guide know.

A Guided Tour is the most comfortable, easiest way to explore the beauty of America by motorcycle, and we strive to be absolutely the best company to book your tour with.