Route 66 Motorcycle Tour Photos

September 17, 2011

Route 66 Motorcycle Photos
Route 66 Motorcycle Tour Photos

Interested in hiring a bike and riding Route 66, or perhaps going on a fully guided tour with all the mod cons? The Lost Adventure is an Official EagleRider Tour Operator, offering their full line of guided and self-drive tours and rentals, at the most competitive prices. Contact us or click here for more details.

Here’s a gallery of photos we took on 66 in April, 2012. Click on the thumbnails for a larger version:

Want to see more of our Route 66 Motorcycle Tour Photos? To see a collection of the photos we’ve taken on Route 66 over the years, check out our Route 66 Flickr gallery by clicking here.

A ride on old Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles has been referred to as the “ultimate road trip”. 66 was officially removed from the United States Highway System in 1985, but the dream of riding the “Mother Road” is a goal for more people now than ever before (especially since Billy Connelly’s Route 66 programme ran on ITV.) 66 is a travel photographer’s dream, both the people and the places are rich with character. We often pull over and spend 15 minutes taking shots of some abandoned motel or gas station, and saddle up only to pull over again five minutes down the road for more photos! Make sure to bring plenty of memory cards on your Route 66 tour, as you’ll likely snap more than anywhere else you’ve toured – the photo opps are nearly endless.

If you’re interested in doing a motorcycle tour of Route 66, click here for more details. We have the most competitive prices on EagleRider guided and self guided tours, as well as rentals.

Route 66 Motorcycle Photos

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  1. Sheriff on April 16, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    i am planing my first visit to USA & i want to do a 2 week ride around USA i will start from NY or CT.
    so i really would appreciate your advice for the distention that would be great ride & how to plan my ride ?
    hotels, maps, site seeing

    • Jim on April 17, 2014 at 2:53 pm

      Hello Sheriff;

      Firstly, we’d say two weeks is not enough time to “ride around the USA” if you plan on seeing anything. It takes about 14 days to ride Coast To Coast at anything near a leisurely pace where you’ll be able to do backroads. You really need to do the research and planning before you get to the USA, it’s such a huge country. Start by picking some places you’d really like to see, then connect a route between them, and pick the roads. We find Michelin maps to be essential tools for doing this, as well as Google maps. If you want to hire a motorcycle or book a tour where everything is pre-arranged, we can help you, just email me at [email protected] Thanks! Jim

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