Annual Coast to Coast Run

Join The lost Adventure as we ride coast to coast in March 2022!

Join us Coast to coast, March 2020!

Lowest cost motorcycle hire  ·  March 18 – April 3 2022  ·  Orlando to Los Angeles  ·  8+ States, 4 Time Zones and 3500 miles plus!


For 2022, as with 2019, we are now including the first and last night in Orlando and LA in the price.  We are moving the venue for the first night party to the Ace Cafe in Orlando and our hotel is right next door!


We also arrange a group transfer from this hotels to and from EagleRider on the morning of our bike pick up to help speed everyones departure.  We will also have 2 roaming guides on the ride to help arrange a couple of get togethers along the way.

Orlando Accommodation – 1 night, room only. Check-In: March 18, 2022 / Check-Out: March 19, 2022
LA Accommodation – 1 night, room only. Check-In: April 02, 2022 / Check-Out: April 03, 2022

Hotels: (not including breakfast)

2 people 1 bike: £1480 (Sharing a room)
1 Person 1 bike : £1480 (Single Room)
2 people 2 bikes: £1380 per person (sharing a room)

NOTE: This low cost hire now includes UNLIMITED MILAGE. 

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Chat with riders who are on this year’s trip or who have done the Coast to Coat Run previously to find out what it’s like. Swap tips and info on routes and not to be missed destinations along the way, as well as what to avoid. Team up with riders to share the road with and more…

And the adventure begins. Day 1 of the 2017 Coast to Coast run, with over 80 bikes awaiting their riders for this year’s run to the setting sun. Gentlemen, start your engines…

Your way ‘cross the USA

Have you dreamed of riding across America by motorcycle, but want to save some money? Join The Lost Adventure on an epic Coast to Coast ride. You make your own way ‘across the USA on the Coast to Coast Run, but here’s a suggested route to get you started:

check availability and prices with The Lost Adventure

To help plan your trip and connect with others, the ride has a dedicated private Facebook group page where you can ask questions, post routes, and share incredibly rich information in the months leading up to your ride. And when you’re on the road, the page is used by the entire group to share great roads, things to see, safety updates, and to meet up. Many people arrange to ride with others here.

Note this is NOT an organized tour, the price is for the bike hire only; there will be no support, we have no hotels booked on route (there is an optional upgrade that includes hotels, ask for further details), you are responsible for all additional costs, like any other rental.

We first ran this special for March 2014, and had over 60 riders from 10 countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Spain, USA,  and others join the trip. Everyone set off from Orlando, some as pre-arranged groups, some solo riders, and many people connecting with others they had never met before. It was an incredible way to make new friends, riding together for a ways then splitting off, re grouping, having individual road trips and then finally coming together in Los Angeles with incredible road stories. From Florida to California, people in the group kept meeting on the road. It was a unique ride – In 2019 numbers were up to 80 riders and collectively, we logged over 250,000 miles in 14 days.


This Road Trip is for those who enjoy a spontaneous tour, where every day is an adventure and you have only a rough idea where you might finish the day. Roll out of bed, look at the sky, unfold a map and trace a weathered hand across the twistiest bit of road…..then go explore it. Want to ride 500 miles in a day and then spend three nights in a hot tub in Vegas? That’s fine, so long as you’re in LA on time.

Want to ride with us? The more the merrier! But we carry our own bags, fill our own tanks, and pull our own weight. We’ll be a band of brothers, riding where the wind takes us. And we’ll rejoin on Santa Monica Pier before returning the bikes to EagleRider. Some of the things you may see: Louisiana swamp land, Galveston, New Orleans, Texas Hill Country, Austin Texas, Big Bend National Park, Tombstone Arizona,  the Aircraft Grave Yard, Vegas, bits of Route 66, San Diego, Hollywood. And the weather? Cold, hot, dry, rainy, humid, windy, sunny, all the colours of the rainbow as we make our way along the Gulf Coast towards California. We’ll be staying South, closer to the sun, but feel free to go North so long as you’re wearing the right kit. There are sure to be days where the weather is challenging.

Here is a rough idea of some of the likely additional costs along the way, so you can budget accordingly:
Fuel: average $3.50 per gallon. 3500 Miles (approx) = $245
Food: from $30 a day (You can spend more, but this amount would be quite possible) = $420
Hotels: average from $60 per room (You can get cheaper but will probably also have the option of paying by the hour in these places!!) You can of course pay a lot more and if you head into many cities the price will go up.

Here are some examples of city hotel costs on the possible route Per Room:
Mobile, AL: $60 (out of town)- $150 (Downtown)
Galveston, TX: $60 (out of town)- $150 (Downtown)
Austin, TX: from $100 (Downtown) Phoenix, AZ: $40 (out of town)- $60 (Downtown)
San Diego, CA: $80 (out of town)- $150 (Downtown)
Los Angeles, CA: $200

Additional insurance: The rental price includes the basic level of insurance but to reduce your risk you might want to look at the following supplementary insurances.

VIP-0 reduces Collision Damage Waiver to $0.  It also covers tire repair and breakdown plus offering replacement vehicle cover (14 days cover @ £27 per day)

SLI Offers $300,000 Third Party Liability insurance (14 days cover @ £18 per day) You don’t have to take this insurance but if you choose not to you will be liable for damages to, or loss of, the motorcycle and your 3rd party cover will be to the state minimum requirement.