Tips For Safe Group Riding

When you’re riding in a pack of motorcycles, it requires a different style of riding in order to be safe. Riding in a large group can be fun, but each rider needs to respect the group dynamic or the consequences can be severe.

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Are You A Confident Motorcyclist?

One of the questions we get asked by many people who enquire about riding in America is something like “I’ve never ridden two weeks in a row for so many miles each day, will I be able to do this trip?” We always answer the question the same way: “Are you a confident motorcyclist?” We…

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The Hurricane Ride

I remember it as “The Hurricane Ride”. It was August, 2008 and ten of us were headed to the inaugural Indianapolis MotoGP race. We had started in Washington DC, dodging an Atlantic hurricane that chased us off the Blue Ridge Parkway, coming down off the mountains in total darkness in the middle of the day.…

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